Wardrobe Updates

Ozzie, a longtime fan of hair bands (for obvious reasons) was thrilled to discover his new “rebel outlaw” t-shirt from the Bret Michaels’ Pets Rock collection at PetSmart for roughly 90% off its original price. That venture may not be working so well for Bret…

“I was very happy to find an outfit that expresses my philosophy of life and is also a good value.”

Jada, on the other hand, rejected the collection, which includes tiny pleather minidresses and skull-printed bandanas, for fear of being mistaken for a groupie or, worse, a canine of questionable taste. She choose a simple sundress instead.

“Understated elegance is always in fashion. And I don’t care about the cost–it’s not like the AmEx has my name on it.”

Fabulous Foos

The Foos put a lot of effort into creating new looks. Ozzie is still perfecting his outfit for the fourth of July.

“This is good–casual, with the extra benefit of protecting my delicate fur from the sun.”

He wants to make sure he makes the right decision, so he tries some other possibilities.

“This is even better…it really says ‘patriotic.’”

Jada thinks it says something else. She laughs.

“What a goon.”

Her amusement doesn’t last long.


“The horror!”

Ozzie is too busy coming up with the perfect look to notice her dismay.

“I think I could have a career as a stylist.”

Ozzie is so pleased with his new look that he decides to become a brand.


Red, White, and Foo

The Foos have been a little bored lately.

“It gets tedious, hanging around being decorative.”

They need a little excitement. Ozzie remembers that there are some holidays coming up, and dresses accordingly.

“This is great! I feel like I am expressing my inner self, and being patriotic at the same time.”

He tries to get Jada to join him.

“This is…unspeakable. Have you no dignity?”

Jada continues to resist. Ozzie continues to persuade.

“This is why I hate family reunions. Imagine being surrounded by a dozen of these.”

Ozzie whispers the most persuasive thing he can think of.

“Extra biscuits for being goofy? Really??”

She is still not sure she likes the idea.

“I may never forgive you.”

Eventually, though, the promise of extra biscuits and festivity wins out.

“I’m doing it for our country. Where are the snacks?”